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Rebeca Faramin

Rebeca Faramin, Bridgeman Images' financial accountant selects her archive highlights, from classic Picasso to contemporary footage of a Tibetan Monastery.

What is your role at Bridgeman Images?

I am Bridgeman Images' financial accountant and also the resident yoga teacher! My role as a financial accountant includes producing monthly group consolidated accounts, liaising with external auditors and accountants for the preparation and audit of statutory accounts for the Bridgeman group.

What do you love most about the job?

What I love most about my job is interacting with all the entities we work with and learning about how they are performing financially. Bridgeman is multicultural - we include people from lots of different backgrounds. I like learning about different cultures and expanding my understanding of other people. I am enjoying teaching yoga to my colleagues as well and seeing how they can benefit from the practice! 

What misconceptions do clients most commonly have about the archive?

While I do not work directly with clients, I understand that our clients are often pleasantly surprised to learn that we also hold video clips as well as still images. We have some fantastic contemporary clips and historic footage, too.


1. Las Meninas No.31, Pablo Picasso

Las Meninas No.31, 1957 (oil on canvas), Pablo Picasso / Bridgeman Images

Picasso is one of my favourite artists and I find cubist art fascinating. His interpretations of Las Meninas from Velazquez are enthralling.


2. A Danish Noir, Gavin Watson

A Danish Noir, 2016, (oil on canvas) © Gavin Watson / Bridgeman Images

Since I was little I grew up with big dogs - a Spanish mastiff for one - and I love dogs, especially big ones. Every time I see a dog on the street I can't resist giving them attention! I found this painting adorable - a Great Dane with his little toy. 


3. Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol

Michael Jackson, 1984 (synthetic polymer and silkscreen ink on canvas) © 2020 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Licensed by DACS, London / Photo © Christie's Images / Bridgeman Images 

I am a big fan of pop art. Andy Warhol's colourful paintings are brilliant - I like his creativity which has stood the test of time. I chose this Michael Jackson piece specifically as he is one of my favourite singers and Thriller is, for me, his best album. 


4. View of Toledo, Toledo Province, Castilla-La Mancha Spain, Ken Walsh

View of Toledo, Toledo Province, Castilla-La Mancha Spain. Photo © Ken Welsh / Bridgeman Images

This is a contemporary photograph of my home town. It has been taken from the valley where you have astonishing views from the old town.


5. Robert Glasper at the piano. Cabaret Sauvage, Paris.

Robert Glasper at the piano. Cabaret Sauvage, Paris. © Frederique Toulet / Bridgeman Images

As much as I enjoy yoga I also enjoy music. Robert Glasper is an amazing pianist and producer. He produces complex compositions mixing jazz, soul, hip hop, funky and electro music and I think this photograph captures him 'at work' really nicely!


6. Monks praying with vajra and bells inside the main Assembly hall, Sakya Monastery, Tibet.

Monks praying with vajra and bells inside the main Assembly hall, Sakya Monastery, Tibet.
Benoy K Behl Films / Bridgeman Images

Finally, I picked this clip because I love the sound of chanting - it helps me to calm my mind and feel connected with others. Candlelight Kirtans in the woods with my teacher are a joy for me and something I always look forward to.


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