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Cover of Casabella, N. 551, November 1988, 20th Century, graphic, 31 x 28 cm

Immagine Numero
Cover of Casabella, N. 551, November 1988, 20th Century, graphic, 31 x 28 cm
Italian School, (20th century) / Italian
Private Collection
1988 AD (C20th AD)
31x28 cms

Whole artwork view. Red headline on a white background, on which loom a horizontal drawing and the table of contents, written in black with red underlines; the drawing, due to the Hungarian architect Stefan Sebok, shows a perspective view of the convex façade of the Total Theater, projected by Walter Gropius in 1927 for theatre director Erwin Piscator; the rear of the building, with its glazed four storey, overlooks a urban space left blank, just a crossroad with a car and three passers; the sides house the flights of stairs, visible trough the windows. Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, Milan, Italy

Credito fotografico
Mondadori Portfolio/Electa/Marco Covi / Bridgeman Images
Parole Chiave
/ ledge / style / italian architecture / light blanket / all / book jacket / stairs / magazine / drawing / people / graphic art / crossroads / profane art / project / contemporary art / full-length window / city planning / italy / external / vertical / made in italy / italian art / footbridge / car / theatre / trend / architecture / day / cover / twentieth century / printing house / fashion / frontal / walter adolph gropius / stefan sebok / gregotti / silhouette / gropius / casabella / vittorio gregotti / sebok / arnoldo mondadori editore / milan / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto

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