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A Spring Song, 1927 (bronze)

Immagine Numero
A Spring Song, 1927 (bronze)
Gabriel, Edith Mabel (1882-1972) / British
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK
1927 AD (C20th AD)
76.2x44.5x45.7 cms

Sculpture entitled 'A Spring Song', by Edith Mabel Gabriel (1882-1972), 1927. Green patinated bronze statuette on base of bronze ground and veined dark green marble block. She stands on one leg and balancing on her toes, with the other leg bent up below her chest as she leans forwards with her head looking back to the left, with arms stretched back behind her and hands stretched out as if trying to fly or dance.

Credito fotografico
© Ferens Art Gallery / Bridgeman Images
Parole Chiave
dancer / dancers / dance / dancing / Choreography / female / animal / animals / wildlife / wild life / nakedness / naked / nude / nudity / spring / springtime / season / seasons / seasonal / flight / Flying /

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