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Landscape with a Storm

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Landscape with a Storm
Dughet, Gaspard Poussin (1615-75) (attr. to) / French
Osterley Park, Middlesex, UK
oil on canvas
109x133 cms

attributed to Gaspard Dughet (Rome 1615 – Rome 1675). Oil painting on canvas, Landscape with a Storm, attributed to Gaspard Dughet (Rome 1615 – Rome 1675). Landscape in which a storm is raging, a village on the hill in which is located a tempietto, and a tower which is being struck by lightening. In the foreground, two male figures hurry along the road, fighting against the wind. In the middle distance, there are two more figures by water. The foreground is framed with two trees. Osterley Park and House, London (Accredited Museum)

Credito fotografico
National Trust Photographic Library / Bridgeman Images
Parole Chiave
Painting / Mzpainting

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