Francesco Gattoni was born in Rome in 1956. In 1979 he settled in Paris where he lives and works since. In the early 80s he began to take an interest in photography. In 1985 makes his first report in Nepal and his first exhibition in Paris. For 17 years, he specializes in portraits of writers. He has been working for several newspapers and magazines including The Republic, Corriere della Sera and El Pais. In 2003, his work of portraits of writers led to the exhibition "Writers of the world, world of writers" which were presented in FNAC galleries in France, Spain and Italy. Alongside this portrait work, Francesco Gattoni has produced reports in different countries and cities including Egypt, Nepal, Moscow, Romania, Sardinia, Cuba. In 2008, a report book published in France entitled "Cuba, the paths of chance" accompanied by the texts of the Cuban writer Karla Suarez. Among his works published in the press: 98 photos on undocumented migrants, he followed them during two years in their workplaces, in their homes and in their efforts to regularize their situations. A work on Roms people again in 2009 and a series of portraits of foreigners living in France for Emmaus. With this series entitled "Silent odyssey" with the complicity of the writer and journalist José Manuel Fajardo for the texts, it traces the course of the people who have left their countries looking for a better future. The portraits and reports of Francesco Gattoni are regularly exhibited in Europe and are part of the permanent collections of the National Library and the Historical Library of the City of Paris.

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