Eurich, Richard Ernest (1903-92)

(1903-92) Richard Eurich’s vision encompassed both the ascetic and the mystical. He sought to replicate life accurately, both its physical forms and its perpetual ironies. Eurich’s career as an artist of fine calibre and establishment appeal began when he studied at the Slade from 1924-27 and a series of exhibitions in distinguished venues, such as the Redfern Gallery, followed. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1942, and became a Royal Academician in 1953. Eurich’s art maintained a documentary quality and made use of the aerial perspective which ensures a complete view of a place or event. Eurich also completed many marine landscapes, still lives and figurative works. The integration of a dramatic element characterises Eurich’s work. Whether imbued with gaiety, fantasy or serious portent, Eurich’s art draws its vitality from this marriage of realism and drama.

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