Olly & Suzi (b.1970)

Olly Williams and Suzi Winstanley are wildlife-obsessed artists who also lead expeditions to remote places. As artists, they work as a duo, with the intention of documenting 'the fragile equilibrium between man and nature'. They paint and draw on the spot, in real time, when and where they see the rare and exotic creatures that fascinate them. Often the animals, seemingly not content to be mere subjects, act more like collaborators - a bear might contribute a pawprint, for instance, or a crocodile the geometric pattern of its skin, or a pack of wild dogs smears of blood from their fresh kill. Olly and Suzi met as students at Central St Martin's in 1987. They worked so closely together - 'hand over hand' on the same canvases - that they insisted on graduating with a joint degree. Olly and Suzi merged into Olly & Suzi. Before long they had attracted a devoted following for their wild-animal images, with collectors including Damien Hirst.

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