Gordon, Jean Swan (1922-2013)

In life, Jean Swan Gordon was admired as much for the lovely person that she was as for her exquisite paintings. Crowned by her glorious and abundant silver hair and radiating warmth, Gordon graciously accepted her role as one of the Boothbay Region’s most popular artists. When Gordon died in 2013, she left behind a large selection of her floral still-lifes. Gleason Fine Art is very pleased to have been asked by the Gordon Family Trust to be one of the galleries to represent Jean Gordon’s estate. Even as a child, Jean Swan Gordon loved to make art. Considered a child prodigy, she continued painting throughout her lifetime, even at the age of 91, her last year of life. Although well trained in portraiture, it is her joyous and remarkable floral still-lifes for which Gordon is best known. Gordon loved to garden, so combining her love of gardening with her love of painting just made sense. She grew her own flowers, gathering loose, brilliantly coloured arrangements of them in glass bowls and pitchers. Gordon’s sure hand and keen eye for colour mark her as a master at what she did.

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