Elwes, Damian (b.1960)

British artist Damian Elwes has been recreating the studios of other artists since he began painting. His paintings transport us into the worlds of artistic geniuses and capture the sublimity of creative experience. Born in 1960 Elwes was raised and schooled in London. His physical connection to artists and their studios was substantiated in 1982 when he met and was photographed by Andy Warhol, at graduation when his play writing professor gave him a palette knife that had once belonged to Henri Matisse and later that year when Elwes met Keith Haring who encouraged him to start painting. His first paintings were exhibited alongside those of Basquiat by London dealer Robert Fraser. In 2018 his solo exhibition at the Musée en Herbe in Paris attracted over 100,000 visitors. The painting, “Matisse’s Studio in Collioure,” describes a studio where the current occupants had no idea that this was the place where Matisse and Derain explored Fauvism in 1905.

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