Hannibal Mane trained at the Royal Danish Records of Charts in Copenhagen, the Glyptotek’s Drawing School and at Art College in Denmark. He has exhibited at many solo exhibitions in Copenhagen, in the USA and United Kingdom. He has sold his work extensively worldwide: to architectural companies in Spain, private art collections, law offices and to art collectors in Europe, the United States and Canada.


  • 1999 Ambassador Galleries, Palm Beach, Florida
  • 1997 Galerie Adrienne, San Fransisco, California
  • 1997 Syd Gallery, Falster, Denmark
  • 1997 Brondsalen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1997 Galerie Adrienne, La Jolla, California
  • 1997 Downey Estees Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • 1995 Royal Palm Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
  • 1995 Sct. Gertrud Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1994 Dyansen Galleries, Beverly Hills, California
  • 1993 Ginger Gallery, Bristol, UK
  • 1993 Deligny Art Galleries, Fort Lauderdale,Florida
  • 1992 Sweet Waters Gallery, London, UK
  • 1992 Alma Gallery, Bristol, UK
  • 1992 Blidah Gallery, Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1991 Helligåndshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1990 Gammelgaard, Herlev, Denmark
  • 1989 Cocobien Gallery, Laguna Beach, California
  • 1989 Moestings House, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1987 Henning Larsen Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1987 Grejsdalen Gallery, Vejle, Denmark


  • 1984 paintings, Art College in Denmark
  • 1982 Drawing, The Glyptotek´s Drawing School
  • 1969 Free-hand drawer, Royal Danish Records of Charts in Copenhagen, Denm


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