Thomas MacGregor is a Scottish Artist living and working in East London. After graduating in Drawing and Painting from ECA he held a residency at ‘The Stand Comedy Club’, resulting in a large number of comedian portraits as well as the omnipresent ‘Stand cowboy’ logo.

Thomas lectured in art at HMP Edinburgh. The prison environment helped to feed some of the social realism within his figurative style, which draws heavily on the Weimar artists such as Beckman, Dix, Grosz, as well as Guston’s early murals.

In 2007 He held a two year long residency in Bolivia, encompassing three solo shows. This added a new and more vibrant dynamic to his work .

Thomas works predominantly as a portrait painter and Illustrator, exhibiting regularly across London and the wider UK.


  • 2017 Patron saint of Dogs (solo show), Palm tree Gallery, Portobello rd, London
  • 2016 Leyton Painter (solo show), Pictorem Gallery, Walthamstow, London
  • 2016 SHE, an international art collaboration exploring the construct of femininity, Sweet Art, Tanner st, London
  • 2016 Islington art fair, Candid arts trust, London
  • 2016 Parallax Art fair, Chelsea town hall
  • 2016 Islington art fair, Candid arts trust
  • 2016 summer salon , Islington arts factory
  • 2016 hop gallery open, Hop Gallery, Lewes
  • 2016 portrait exhibition, Candid arts trust, London
  • 2016 islington contemporary art fair, candid arts tust, London
  • 2016 Platform for emerging arts#9, Leydon Gallery, London
  • 2015 Free Painters and sculptors open, Menier Gallery, London
  • 2015 Garage, Garage, Edinburgh
  • 2015 Society of scottish artists group show,, Rosalux gallery, Minneapolis,US
  • 2015 islington contemporary art fair, cabdid arts tust
  • 2014 The society of Scottish artists 117th Annual Open Exhibition, RSA Edinburgh
  • 2009 Se Cambian Bolivianos (solo show), Kiosks, Santa cruz, Bolivia
  • 2009 Seguridad (solo show), Maradero, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • 2008 T.D.MacGregor (solo show), Caja Verde, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • 2006 Big Gay Paintings (solo show), Bongo club, edinburgh


  • 1999 BA(hons)fine art, Edinburgh College of Art


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