"The Story of Looking", by Mark Cousins


In The Story of Looking, filmmaker and writer Mark Cousins takes us on a lightning-bright tour - in words and images - through how our looking selves develop over the course of a lifetime, and the ways that looking has changed through the centuries. From great works of art to tourist photographs, from cityscapes to cinema, through science and protest, propaganda and refusals to look, the false mirrors and great visionaries of looking, this book illuminates how we construct as well as receive the things we see.


Spread from "The Story of Looking", using Bridgeman images


The book is packed with beautiful photographs and fine art images. It is a great showcase for the variety of content in the Bridgeman archive, from vintage photographs, to masterpieces of fine art, and artifacts from the ancient world. It really is a feast for the eyes.


The Way it Looks from the Stern Seat, 1880s-1890s (albumen silver print from glass negative), Seneca Ray Stoddard, (1844-1917) / Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA / Museum purchase funded by Cindi Blakely in honor of Robert T. Blakely at "One Great Night in November, 2001" / Bridgeman Images



The Flagellation of Christ, c.1463-4 (tempera on panel), Piero della Francesca, (c.1415-92) /
Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, Urbino, Marche, Italy / Bridgeman Images


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