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Bridgeman works with a number of Print On Demand companies around the world to ensure that they receive the high quality art images and photography they need to create stunning and sought-after products.

We provide access to around 90,000 images from our diverse archive so that all our POD clients have the very best of classic and contemporary artworks for their customers.

We also update our content on a weekly basis with fresh and unique images from our Bridgeman Studio artists.


About Maria...

Maria Theophanous is the Managing Director at, based in Cyprus.

I worked for Cyprus Airways, the Cyprus national carrier, for 17 years; I was the Quality Controller officer and a supervisor in the airline's call and web centre. A couple of years ago I decided to leave the company due to lack of motivation and opportunities for growth. So, I decided to deal with my passion, which is art! is an art site offering over 1000 high quality images and photographs for sale. Through us, you have the opportunity to buy museum-quality prints or poster art from over 200 international artists. We also specialise in offering works by two prominent photographers, one Cypriot and one German. 

We print on both premium canvas and high quality, acid free paper. We provide a large variety of sizes - even up to 50 meters! In fact, we do not offer standard sizes; as our client you can create the dimensions that are most suitable for you. We ship locally for free and internationally for 10 Euros.

Our aim is to develop a new online art experience which can easily bring the art you love, to you.


Maria Theophanous, Managing Director at
Maria Theophanous, Managing Director at


Here's what Maria had to say about the advantages of working together for her start-up POD business:


Sunbather, Simon Cook (Contemporary Artist)
Sunbather, Simon Cook (Contemporary Artist)


How did you find Bridgeman Images?
I was searching through the internet for companies that had the authority to sell the rights for the reproduction of famous artists' work, and Bridgeman was one of the companies and estates displayed on my screen.
Why did you decide to work with us?
I chose to work with you as you had the largest collection of images. You had all the artists I was interested in and also some others which were unknown to me, but I loved their work. The people I contacted were very helpful and the packages offered to me were very attractive. The fact that I could make my own selection of images and create my own package was also very important for me.
How did you get the idea of launching a POD business?
The idea came when my husband and I were building our new house and wanted to decorate it with fine art, but unfortunately we couldn’t find what we wanted here in Cyprus. I was searching the internet for paintings and I found some shops outside Cyprus; I actually ordered one image from the UK. When it arrived it was so beautiful and of such excellent quality that the idea to start my own POD business came to me instantly.
We had already been running a wide format digital printing company for the last 12 years and were also wanting to expand this into the art industry. This project consequently seemed like it could be easy for us as we had both the experience and the appropriate printers for the reproduction. So, what we needed was a company to provide us with the rights, and this is what lead us to you.
How did you choose your selection of images - what is the main criteria? 
My choice of images was based on market research on the trends in the Cyprus market and on the requests we had from our clients (mostly interior designers or those who, like me, were unable to find quality art for their home in Cyprus).
At the beginning the range of paintings I had to choose from were very classic, but as I knew that we do not have a big market for this style in Cyprus, I had to create my own package. I wanted to have a variety of art styles, mostly modern and contemporary, as this style of art is very popular. Another criteria was our Russian clients (we have a big Russian community in Cyprus), who were requesting Russian artists like Kandinsky and Popova.



Englishman in Moscow, Casimir Malevich (1878 - 1935)
Englishman in Moscow, Casimir Malevich (1878 - 1935)


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