Piotr's Pics

From nostalgic watercolours to Expressionist art, here are our Lead Developer's favourites from the archive​​


What is your role at Bridgeman?

I am a lead developer at Bridgeman. I'm involved  in producing new functionality as well as fixing the problems in running applications.


What do you love most about the job?

The environment made by a professional, respectful and tolerant team makes it feel like a second home. The variety and complexity of IT tasks required at Bridgeman gives me the opportunity to improve my programming skills and learn new technologies. They are the key features that make working for  Bridgeman so good.

What misconceptions do clients most commonly have about the archive?

As I do not work in a client-facing role, I'm not sure what misconceptions they have about the archive. But the variety of content in the archive is what makes it so great here at Bridgeman. I like when art moves my imagination. Sometimes it's just a composition that makes artwork interesting for me but I also like a feeling of nostalgia that resonates in some works. My art taste is purely based on feelings and emotions created by an artwork. Although I marvel at the craftsmanship of older artworks I prefer modern art. See below for some examples of art that I really like and can identify with.  


Piotr Majewski, Lead Developer


Bagno Vignoni, Italy, 2003 (watercolour), Simon Fletcher / Private Collection


Simon Fletcher​ – Bagno Vignoni, Italy, 2003

I like watercolour for the nostalgic feeling they bring in me. It is like a memory of a very pleasant time. You don't recognize exact shapes as they can blend and mix but you remember that wonderful feeling from that moment. It is hard to pick up one artwork from Simon Fletcher that is the best, I like most of them.

Lucian Freud​ – Girl with a Kitten, 1947

One of my first tasks at Bridgeman was to prepare information pages for Lucian Freud - we represent his estate for copyright licensing. A few days later, I was at Tate Britain and I saw that painting in the real world - a nice surprise! Getting back to that magnetic stare, the girl seemingly already knows that she will not get what she is looking for... very sad. 
Girl with a Kitten, 1947 (oil on canvas), Lucian Freud (1922-2011) / Private Collection / © The Lucian Freud Archive


Pink Hill (acrylic on card), Paul Powis / Private Collection


Paul Powis​ – Pink Hill​

Oh, I like the colours so much. Bright and positive. If I find a nice composition and it's colourful, I'm in.

Paul Klee – With the Eagle, 1918 

This painting brings back memories of me going with my grandparents into the forest and picking up mushrooms. It was usually early autumn when yellow, orange and red colours were appearing on the leaves. Also being close to nature always makes me think about how cleverly the world is made.



With the Eagle, 1918 (w/c on primed paper on cardboard), Paul Klee (1879-1940) / Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, Switzerland
Mauve Light, Hermione Carline / Private Collection



Hermione Carline  – Mauve Light​

City lights in rain. Loneliness and nostalgia.














First Soviet cosmonauts undergo training and medical testing in laboratories, USSR 1950s

I like the history of the space race. It illustrates how much people can achieve if they get together with a common goal in mind. If we only we could compete to get better and better, not to destroy others... It is mostly a funny movie. In fifty years time, our grandchildren will laugh at the same way we were typing to on the computer or moving a mouse.

First Soviet cosmonauts undergo training and medical testing in laboratories, USSR 1950s / Film Images



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