Jones, Peter


Peter Jones (born 1968, Birmingham, UK) studied fine art at Reading University (1988-1992) and since then has lived and worked in London. In 1996 Peter was selected for the Whitechapel Open, which marked the beginning of a regular and continuing exhibiting career.

Peter held his first solo shows at FRED in London and concurrently at the sister gallery in Leipzig in 2006. The Monkey Paintings series first shown at these two exhibitions confirmed Peter's reputation as an artist and earned him an enthusiastic following. Almost all of the vintage toy subjects of these still-life paintings are collected by the artist for this purpose.

Traditionally the monkey in art symbolised the primitive beast within us, and although the paintings of Peter Jones don't deny this inherent quality, they are by turns capricious, playful and vulnerable.

The monkey paintings were followed by a group of lamb paintings, dog paintings and an ongoing series of various animal portraits including bunnies and birds. These particular subjects acknowledge and communicate the traditional art historical symbolism of innocence, faithfulness and love.

After a hiatus of several years, the monkey series was renewed in 2016, and continues to be the artist's signature subject.


  • 2019 ING Discerning Eye, London
  • 2019 Still-Here, Newington Gallery London
  • 2019 Darlings of The Underground, Subsiduary Projects London
  • 2019 Drawing Biennial, Drawing Room London
  • 2018 Summer Exhibition , Royal Academy London
  • 2018 Make_Shift, Collier Bristow Gallery London
  • 2017 Nature Morte, Guildhall Art Gallery London
  • 2019 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy London


  • 1992 Fine Art BA (Hons), University of Reading


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