Catherine was born near Saltaire, West Yorkshire in 1972. She spent pretty much all of her childhood doing portraits of her hamsters and doodling, she no longer draws hamsters (although happily would if required!) but can still be found spending most of the hours in the day doodling. She has a background in Graphic Design & Illustration but over the last couple of years has discovered a life-changing passion for Pattern Design, she works in many different mediums to create dynamic and textured designs, she loves experimenting with bold colours and aims to transport the viewer away to a happy place. Having lived in various places around the UK she has now come home to Saltaire and can be seen most days in Salts Mill (the home of David Hockney's paintings) looking for inspiration and cake! She is inspired by almost anything but mostly nature, travelling, books and fairy lights.


  • 2017 Summer is Colour, Saltaire

AHU3588054: Bridgeman Images

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