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Study for the Bridge over the Arras-Lens Railway (pencil, chalk & w/c on paper )

Study for the Bridge over the Arras-Lens Railway (pencil, chalk & w/c on paper )
Nash, John Northcote (1893-1977) / English
Lieu de conservation
Imperial War Museum, London, UK
pencil, chalk and watercolour on paper
35.8x40.9 cms

A squared up preparatory drawing for John Nash's painting 'The Bridge over the Arras-Lens Railway'. A view of the arched bridge over the Arras-Lens railway. A line of British infantrymen walk along the railway line, with another line of men walking along a track up the steep cliff face on the left, some carrying sections of corrugated iron. Two carriages of a hospital train are visible on the tracks in the lower foreground. There are two shell explosions in the top left and anti-aircraft fire in the sky above. Support: Height, 358, mm; Support: Width, 409, mm; Mount: Height, 556, mm; Mount: Width, 598, mm

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© Imperial War Museums / © Estate of John Northcote Nash. All rights reserved 2022 / Bridgeman Images
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