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Murderer for Love, 2004-05 (oil on canvas)

Murderer for Love, 2004-05 (oil on canvas)
Hambling, Maggi (b.1945) / English
Lieu de conservation
Private Collection
oil on canvas
2004 AD - 2005 AD (C21st AD)
71.1x50.8 cms

Bernard 'Monty' Heginbotham, aged 99, killed his wife Ida, who suffered from dementia, in April 2004 but was spared jail by a judge who determined his actions to be 'an act of love'.

Crédit Photo
Miki Slingsby / © Maggi Hambling. All rights reserved 2022 / Bridgeman Images
/ contemporary / female / women / man / love / men / mercy killing / murderers / old / elderly / modern / portrait / woman / murder / male / murderer / portraits / paintings / painting / bernard heginbotham / Painting / Mzpainting

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