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Still Life: The Pickwick Club, c.1954-56 (oil on plywood panel)

Still Life: The Pickwick Club, c.1954-56 (oil on plywood panel)
Elwell, Frederick William (1870-1958) / English
Lieu de conservation
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK
oil on plywood panel
c. 1954 AD - c. 1956 AD (C20th AD)
71.4x92 cms

Still-life on the theme of the Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, with a framed image behind a crowded sideboard in a dark interior, with a pair of decorative silver candlesticks on either side, two large moulded ceramic kegs with metal taps at the bottom of each, a crest at the centre and label for the name of the spirits contained (whisky, brandy) there is a blue and white glazed ceramic punch bowl beside the left keg with the silver mounted handle of a ladle inside, a dark bottle neck and a tall glass jug, a cut glass decanter and white and black china jug with flowers and patterns painted on it, in front of the picture with a silver tray with glasses in front. There are lemons and clay pipes lying in front of the larger objects on the sideboard.

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© Ferens Art Gallery / © Estate of Frederick Elwell. All rights reserved 2022 / Bridgeman Images
/ book / objects / england / britain / british / pickwick papers / victorian / pickwick club / still life / literature / english / illustration / charles dickens

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