Autograph letter signed (‘C. Darwin’), to an unnamed recipient (W.B. Tegetmeier), Down, Bromley, Kent, 7 March 1858 (pen & ink on paper)
Darwin, Charles (1809-82) / English
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pen and ink on paper
1858 AD (C19th AD)
Autograph letter signed (‘C. Darwin’), to an unnamed recipient [W.B. Tegetmeier], Down, Bromley, Kent, 7 March [1858], renewing an offer to send him some 'Fowls-skins from Burmah' and pay for the carriage, and hoping that his previous letter on the subject has not miscarried, and that the recipient is not indisposed, one page, 8vo (backed and tipped onto the front free endpaper, light wear and light discolouration in the margins). Discussing the loan of specimens from Burma in Darwin’s collection (the DCP records letters to Tegetmeier on this subject on 17 January and 14 April 1858). Darwin's correspondent W.B. Tegetmeier (1816-1912, naturalist and editor) was Secretary of the Apiarian Society of London, a pigeon-fancier and expert on poultry, editing contributions to the Field in these areas between 1864 and 1907.
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