Zaraysk Kremlin Museum The Zaraysk Kremlin Museum was founded in 1918. The main object of the Museum is Zaraysk Kremlin. This monument of Russian defensive architecture of the 16th century was built by order of Grand Prince of Moscow Vasily III in 1528-1531. The main exposition is located in the building of the former government offices in the Kremlin. Visitors can see a unique archaeological collection here, which includes masterpieces of primitive art such as the bison figurine and two figurines of "Paleolithic Venus" found at the Zaraysk archaeological site (Upper Paleolithic). The exhibition also includes nobility portraits and everyday objects of the second half of 18th - early 20th centuries, portraits of Zaraysk merchants of the mid-19th century, foreign art of the 17th - 20th centuries. Museum complex also includes a memorial house of A.S. Golubkina - a prominent Russian sculptor of the 19th - 20th centuries, and the Darovoe estate, where F.M. Dostoevsky spent summer months as a child.

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