National Museums Liverpool comprises of eight museums and art galleries in and around Liverpool, England. National Museums Liverpool's origins go back to 1851 and the founding of what is now World Museum. It was established as a national museums group in 1986 and changed its name to National Museums Liverpool in 2003. It is also England’s only national museums group based entirely outside London. It currently comprises of eight different museums & galleries which include World Museum, Walker Art Gallery, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Border Force National Museum, International Slavery Museum, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Sudley House and Museum of Liverpool. Collections include: Walker Art Gallery: Fine Art, Decorative Arts, and Furniture. Lady Lever Art Gallery: Fine Art, Decorative Arts, and Furniture. Sudley House: Fine Art, Decorative Art, Furniture and Fashion World Museum: Antiquities, Botany, Entomology, Ethnology, Geology, Horology, Physical Sciences, Zoology. Museum of Liverpool: Liverpool's social, urban and cultural history. Merseyside Maritime Museum: Maritime History, and Maritime Archives. Border Force National Museum: Dynamic collection communicating the world of the UK Border Force. International Slavery Museum: Historical and contemporary aspects of slavery.

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