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The Captain 'Grace Harwar', 1930 (pencil on paper)

The Captain 'Grace Harwar', 1930 (pencil on paper)
Carline, Richard (1896-1980) / English
Lieu de conservation
Private Collection
pencil on paper
1930 AD (C20th AD)
48.2x30.5 cms

From 1928 Richard Carline made an extensive trip to North America to lecture and travel and then went further afield sailing in 1930 with his brother Sydney on the sailing ship Grace Harwar - they visited Mosul at this point sailing up the Tigris River.

Crédit Photo
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Iraq / Iraq Iraqi / arab civilization / arab / Sudan / Africa / african / africans / africa african africans / Middle East / Mosul / grace harwar / uniform / study / drawing / captain / sketch / half length / portrait / male / uniformed / Drawing / Mzdrawing

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