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USA / China: 'China Shall Have Our Relief', United States United China Relief fund poster supporting the Chinese Republic in its fight against Japanese aggression, Martha Sawyers, c. 1941
In May 1941 United China Relief was established, an organization which brought together several different philanthropic organizations operating in China. Other organizations joining United China Relief included the American Bureau for Medical Aid to China, the China Emergency Relief Committee, the American Committee for Chinese War Orphans, the Church Committee for China Relief, the American Committee for Chinese Industrial Cooperatives, and the China Aid Council. The new board for this organization included Pearl Buck, William Bullitt, Henry Luce, Robert Sproul, Wendell Willkie, John D. Rockefeller III, Theodore Roosevelt Jr., David O. Selznick, and Thomas Lamont. Eleanor Roosevelt served as honorary chairman. United China Relief was the largest philanthropic effort to aid the Chinese people up to that time. This organization, which later became known as United Service to China, raised over US million in donations.
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