Escofet, Jose (b.1930)

Born in 1930 in the province of Barcelona, Spain, Jose Escofet was driven to paint from a very early age. He is self- taught and a naturally gifted draughtsman.In Spain, he worked as a freelance graphic designer whilst painting privately in his studio at home where he experimented with different media and evolved through expressionism, abstraction and the figurative. In 1979 he moved to the UK with his English wife and three children where he still lives and works today. In 1987 he had his first solo exhibition in London with paintings in gouache, followed by six more solo exhibitions of gouaches in London and New York. In 1992 he started painting in oils and proceeded to have 7 solo exhibitions mainly in New York. Jose Escofet has exhibited in prestigious galleries and many of his exhibitions have been sell-outs. His work is in many important Private Collections in the USA and Europe. There is a retrospective exhibition of his work accompanied by a monograph in Forte dei Marmi, Itlay in December 2010, his 80th year.

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