Shaw-Lawrence, Bettina (Contemporary Artist)

Born in 1921, Bettina Shaw-Lawrence, an English figurative painter, studied in Paris under Léger and Zadkine. During the war years, she pursued her training  in England under Cedric Morris at the East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing.   The artist’s life has been devoted to oil painting and pen and ink drawing, both inspired by her lifestyle. Indeed, in the aftermath of the war, she travelled extensively, mainly attracted by Mediterranean countries such as Italy where she now lives.    What has mattered most to Bettina Shaw-Lawrence was to create a new vision, to use the tangible object as a starting point from which to explore colour, form and light. Each painting or drawing had to tell its own story .   Her unique eye gave her the opportunity of exhibiting in major galleries in London, Rome and New York.  

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