5th November 1913
Vivien Leigh - arguably most famous for her role as Scarlet in 'Gone with the Wind' was born. 110 years.
6th November 1913
Mahatma Ghandi was arrested for leading Indian miners march in South Africa. 100 years.
7th November 1913
Albert Camus, writer and philosopher, was born. 110 years
7th November 1913
Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist, explorer, biologist and geographer, died. 110 years.
9th November 1938
Kristallnacht, Nazi Germany's first large-scale physical act of anti-Jewish violence, began. 85 years.
10th November 1938
Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the Republic of Turkey, died. 85 years.
11th November 1863
Paul Signac, French painter, was born. 160 years.
22nd November 1913
Benjamin Britten, leading British composer, conductor and pianist, was born. 110 years.
22nd November 1963
C.S. Lewis, author of the Narnia Chronicles, died. 60 years.
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