1st July 1863
Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War. Union Victory. 160 years.
3rd July 1963
Tracey Emin, controversial British artist, was born. 60 years.
4th July 1938
Suzanne Lenglen, well known French tennis player who won 31 championships between 1914 and 1926, died. 85 years.
8th July 1838
Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, inventor, was born. 185 years.
10th July 1888
Giorgio De Chirico, the metaphysical painter, was born. 135 years.
13th July 1863
Anti-draft mobs lynch black people in New York City; about 1,000 died. 160 years.
19th July 1863
Hermann Bahr, Austrain writer, playwrighter and director, was born. 160 years.
20th July 1923
Pancho Villa, a mexican revolutionary, assasinated. 100 years.
21st July 1613
Coronation of Michael, Tsar of Russia, the founder of the Romanov dynasty. 410 years.
30th July 1863
Henry Ford, American indulstrialist and founder of Ford Motor Company, was born. 160 years.
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