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About Bridgeman Copyright

Bridgeman Copyright

Bridgeman Copyright is the copyright administration department of Bridgeman Images, the leading fine art and cultural image licensing archive.

We offer artists and estates a well-respected service whereby we handle all the administration of copyright in an artist’s oeuvre.

Bridgeman Images work with over 30,000 clients to license an archive of over 2,000,000 images.

As the leading fine art and cultural image and footage licensing archive, we operate a proudly rights-managed service from our offices in London, New York, Paris, Berlin and Los Angeles.

We work with agents in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia to support our licensing and marketing activities in growth regions.


Lucian Freud in front of a blown up version of one of his etchings at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2007, David Dawson,  (b.1960) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

Reproduction with Bridgeman Copyright

With a reputation, and core business across the editorial sector, we also provide regular content for the product, advertising, television and design sectors.

We work hard to ensure that our artist’s images are always used in a sensitive, clearly-defined manner which will serve to highlight and enhance the artist’s reputation. We work closely with artists and estates at the point of joining Bridgeman Copyright so that we understand and convey the wishes of the artist at all times.


Spring Bullfinch, 2015 (drypoint and watercolour), Richard Spare (b. 1951) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


Summer Downs, 2000 (oil on canvas), John Miller, (1931-2002) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


How we work with artists



We are able to administer copyright for an artist for the entirety of their oeuvre.

• The artist or estate receives 75% of the copyright fee we charge a client

• The copyright we administer is never assigned. All copyright remains with

   the artist or estate.

• Any image we license will have a clear credit referencing the artist

• Where possible we will obtain a complimentary copy for our artist



For a Bridgeman Copyright artist, we handle all image cataloguing, keywording and categorisation within our archive. Each Bridgeman Copyright artist has a clearly defined biography and well-signposted links to their body of work available for licensing through Bridgeman.



We vigorously promote our existing artists and make every effort to highlight new artists we represent through Bridgeman Copyright. In doing this, we ensure that our clients are fully informed when it comes to copyright clearance.

We represent our artists at trade shows internationally, and constantly work to market and present our images to targeted audiences through our newspapers, online newsletters and communications with different client sectors.


Fowey Regatta (oil on board), Cuming, Fred (b.1930) / Private Collection / Courtesy of Manya Igel Fine Arts, London / Bridgeman Images



How we work with clients

We offer clients a highly efficient service whereby we are able to give an instant quote for both reproduction of an image as well as for copyright clearance.

We provide high-quality imagery and picture research and are always happy to go the extra mile to source new images or photography for a project.

We have excellent relationships with our artists and estates and are uniquely placed to communicate directly with every copyright holder, ensuring that each aspect of a client’s project is realised through a clear licence.

Bridgeman Copyright offers clear advice about how an image can be used and clearly outline any permissions or restrictions on an image.


Cornfield at Wiston-by-Nayland, Suffolk, c.1932 (oil on canvas), John Northcote Nash (1893-1977) / Private Collection / Photo © Peter Nahum at The Leicester Galleries, London / Bridgeman Images

Our Member Artists

We represent over 200 artists and estates for full copyright administration. For these artists, we administer the copyright in the entirety of their oeuvre. In addition to this, we offer images for reproduction from the majority of our artists where this right is granted to us.

Our Bridgeman Copyright member artists include the Lucian Freud Archive, Dame Elizabeth Blackadder and the estates of Stanley Spencer, Sidney Nolan, Augustus John and Archibald Motley.



London, Winter, 1928 (pencil, charcoal & tempera on board), Nevinson, Christopher Richard Wynne (1889-1946) / © Museum of London, UK / Bridgeman Images


Greenhouse and Garden, 1937 (oil on canvas), Spencer, Stanley (1891-1959) / Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK / Bridgeman Images


What is Copyright?

Copyright is an intellectual property right. It is an automatic right afforded to a creator for their lifetime and for up to seventy years after their death. The type and length of protection given varies from country to country.

Copyright can be securely cleared through an organisation such as Bridgeman Copyright, which has the express permission to administer copyright on behalf of an artist.


Mr Wyndham Lewis as a Tyro, c.1920-21 (oil on canvas), Wyndham Lewis, (1882-1957) / Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums, UK / © The Wyndham Lewis Memorial Trust / Bridgeman Images


Lovers, c.1945-50 (oil on hardboard), Anneliese Everts, (1908-1967) / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images



Artist's Resale Right

We are proud to work closely with our sister company, the Artists’ Collecting Society (ACS). ACS is a not-for-profit, Community Interest Company dedicated to the collection of the Artist's Resale Right (droit de suite) on behalf of artists and estates in both the UK and EU.

The Artist’s Resale Right is a royalty generated when an original artwork is re-sold on the secondary market. It applies to all artists who are EU citizens and has helped to support artists and their beneficiaries since its introduction in 2006.

A large number of our represented artists are also members of ACS and find that the combined services of both ACS and Bridgeman Copyright offer a comprehensive and proactive administration service.


Pigeon Post, 1969 (Pigeon Post. Eileen Agar (1899-1992). Oil on canvas. Dated 1969.), Eileen Agar (1899-1991) / Private Collection / Photo © Christie's Images / Bridgeman Images




"We are delighted that Bridgeman has agreed to manage this wonderful archive of work by the late Lucian Freud. The Lucian Freud Archive holds high quality images of his work covering the artist's entire life".

Diana Rawstron, Trustee of the Lucian Freud Archive


'Bridgeman Images’ support has been really appreciated. We particularly welcome the personal touch- we always deal with the same counterpart, who develops an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of Eileen Agar's work, which we believe ensures a more proactive approach to administering copyright.'

Helena Fraser, Estate of Eileen Agar


© Hector McDonnell. All Rights Reserved / Bridgeman Images


Contact Us

We welcome enquiries from artists and estates wishing to explore assigning copyright administration to Bridgeman Copyright.

Please call or email:

Lucy Innes Williams,

Bridgeman Artists Manager

T +44 (0)207 908 1607


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