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Royal Visit to the Fleet, 5th June 1672
Velde, Willem van de, the Younger (1633-1707) / Dutch
National Maritime Museum, London, UK
1672 AD (C17th AD)
Charles II visiting ships of the fleet that were refitting in the Thames following the Battle of Solebay in May of that year. The yacht in the left foreground is the ‘Katherine’ of 1661, used on this occasion by his brother James, Duke of York. She flies the red ensign and the stern carvings show the figure of a woman holding a crown in her right hand, together with putti holding a garland above her head. In port-broadside view and further away on the starboard bow is the 'Cleveland' with her mainsail hauled up and a man aloft hauling down the royal standard. This indicates that King Charles has transferred from the 'Cleveland' to hold a council-of-war on board the 'Prince' on the right, the principal ship in the painting.
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