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WW2 in Colour - Part 2

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WW2 in Colour - Part 2
Video description

Tape 177: 11:35:00:00: D-Day - bombers - naval bombardment of Normandy - the landing 11:35:41:00: Landing craft suffering in bad weather - fierce fighting 11:35:51:00: Allied troops in French town near Toulon - town festooned with French and Allied flags 11:36:11:00: Allied infantry in field - Allied soldiers made welcome by locals and offered wine and bread 11:36:49:00: Surrendered Germans - young girl near bombed German bus - bodies in evidence 11:37:09:00: Sherman tank in town - fighting German snipers - French victims found in mass grave - Red Cross 11:37:47:00: Column of German PoWs - very large PoW camp Tape 195: 10:52:21:00: Planning Operation Overlord - Allied troops arrive in the UK, all with exceptionally big bags 10:53:00:00: US/UKTroops embark transport fleet - US troop ships arrive in the UK - landingcraft - Jeep craned ashore 10:53:42:00: Supplies brought ashore and stored - troops in port - landing craft - aerial view of invasion fleet 10:54:15:00: Supplies brought aboard invasion fleet - landing craft and barrage balloons - bad weather in the Channel 10:54:41:00: Part of the invasion fleet in moonlight 10:54:49:00: FranceNaval bombardment - landingcraft arrive and troops storm the Normandy beaches (dramatic scenes) 10:55:18:00: Quartermaster's ships bring back wounded and load new supplies - wounded on stretchers 10:55:47:00: Normandy beaches - destroyed equipment - wrecks in the water - signal lamp - dozer drives off craft 10:56:18:00: Amphibian drives ashore - landingcraft - Allied bomber squadrons - half-track onto beach

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IMW Images of War / Bridgeman Images
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battle / battlefield / colour / Second World War (1939-1945) / war / Ford Henry (1863-1947) / France / Europe / war wounded / war strategy / military campaign / explicit / Normandy landings / landing operation (military)
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