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RESEARCH BOF pd dc 534 Not For Conquest 1of3

Not For Conquest - Facing Communist Aggression Various scenes at Arlington National Cemetery, seven man party of riflemen fires three volleys, bugler sounds Taps at military funeral. CU of "Taps Bugler" sounding Taps. U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara addresses a news conference in the 1960's. Secretary McNamara shows a captured Chinese made machine gun at a news conference as he reports on Communist aggression in South Vietnam. Secretary McNamara points to a wall map and traces out the supply routes used by Communist North Vietnam to move arms into South Vietnam. Shows news reporters taking notes at a news conference. HD color footage of atomic bomb blast and mushroom cloud. Scene of troops in trenches as an atomic bomb is detonated at U.S. desert test site. Atomic bomb blast effects. Shows destructive power of atomic bomb on buildings. Shows antennas and underground control center for U.S. BMEWS Warning System (Ballistic Missile Early Warning System). Shows ballistic missile in underground silo. Shows U.S. Air Force officer flipping switch to launch U.S. Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) from underground silo. Polaris missile being loaded into missile tube of polaris nuclear submarine. Shows nuclear submarine at sea. Shows polaris missile launch control center on submarine. Launch of Polaris missile from submerged submarine, Shows a B-52 bomber, capable of delivering nuclear weapons, taking off and in flight. Clip of nuclear bomb detonated under water in the Pacific Ocean and the massive wall of water that was produced by this Pacific ocean underwater nuclear bomb test. Brief clips or montage of military men, planes, ship, and weapons. U.S. Special Forces Soldier in jungle, Anti-aircraft turret mounted twin machine guns, Jet fighters taking off, Tank maneuvering, Navy destroyer USS Preston (DD-795), UH-1 "Huey" helicopter with rocket pods, Head-on shot of C-130 Hercules Transport plane taking off, Parachute canopies filling the sky, Army soldiers, launch of missile. Image of White House, President John F Kennedy introduces Robert McNamara as new Secretary of Defense at a news conference in 1961. Sign on door reads "Joint Chiefs Of Staff Conference Room". Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara meeting with Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). Various scenes of Department of Defense (DOD) personnel at work. Introduction of new military weapons in the 1960's. Shows roll out of General Dynamics F-111 Fighter-bomber in 1964, scenes of F-111 in flight. Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" reconnaissance aircraft (plane) in flight, underwater launch of Polaris A-3 missile from submarine. Shows a Nike-X (later model of the Nike-Zeus) anti-ballistic missile intercepting and destroying a ballistic missile. Shows launch of nuclear powered, ballistic missile submarine in the 1960's. U.S. weapons of war demonstrated in 1965. Artillery gun loaded and fired, rockets are fired from naval ship, Air Force fighter (F-100D?) fires rocket, Huge fireballs from napalm bombs dropped from fighter-bomber, shows ship launched torpedo, tank is destroyed by aircraft launched rockets, spectacular fire-balls of napalm bombs exploding on ground targets. Using charts, Secretary of Defense McNamara describes the Department of Defense (DOD) cost reduction programs at news conference in 1965. World events in Cold War years of 1960's. Brief scenes of Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Wall in Berlin Germany 1961. Brief scenes of Russian missiles in Cuba in 1962. Scenes of U.S. Destroyer, sailors and naval gun fire at night depict "Gulf of Tonkin" incident involving the destroyer USS Maddox and North Vietnam torpedo boats. Shows launching of U.S. planes from aircraft carrier for attack on North Vietnam torpedo boat bases in response to "Gulf of Tonkin" attack. Scenes of destruction caused by San Salvador earthquake May 3, 1965. Shows aid provided and delivered by U.S. Military personnel to people of San Salvador. Field kitchen set-up to feed the homeless and tent cities erected for shelter. U.S. aid to people when natural disasters strike. In "Operation Power Pack" the U.S. Marines and the 82nd Airborne intervened and restored order in the Dominican Republic in 1965. Scenes of fighting in Santo Domingo. American civilians and other Nationals were escorted to airport under military escort. U.S. Forces deployed and fight in city streets of Santo Domingo. After order was restored food was distributed and medical care was provided to the people of the Dominican Republic. 00:19:08:00. Vietnam War footage. Shows Army of the Republic of Viet Nam (ARVN) soldiers fighting the the guerrilla fighters of the Vietnam National Liberation Front (VNAF) or Vietcong. Various scenes of ARVN soldiers in combat and on patrol wading through rice paddies and through the jungle. Shows Viet-cong prisoners captured by the ARVN soldiers. Several helicopters in low flight over flooded rice paddies of Vietnam. Shows U.S. aircraft damaged and destroyed by Vietcong raid on U.S. airbase in Vietnam. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara holds news conference to tell of U.S. response to Vietcong attack on U.S air base in Vietnam by striking North Vietnam military facilities and supply routes used to infiltrate men and materials into South Vietnam. Scenes of U.S. aircraft firing rockets and strafing ground targets in North Vietnam. Shows camouflaged tanks used by ARVN soldiers in South Vietnam. At a news conference Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara explains why U.S. ground combat units (troops) will be deployed (sent) to South Vietnam. Build-up of U.S. ground forces in South Vietnam. Shows American ground combat forces (troops) arriving in South Vietnam by plane, by ship, and by landing craft. Shows U.S. troops deployed to Vietcong strongholds. Shows U.S troops on patrol in Vietnam. Shows airstrikes by U.S. fighter-bombers. B-52 Stratofortress drops bombs, shows ground explosions as bombs strike target. B-52 bombers in flight over South Vietnam. U.S. Navy ships fire guns in naval bombardment of South Vietnam coastline in support of combat troops. Door gunner on helicopter firing gun. CU of track-mounted artillery firing at unseen enemy targets. CU of Vietcong prisoners. Image of "Dust-off" medical evacuation helicopter, wounded U.S. soldier placed onboard. CU of Red Cross symbol (emblem) and "Dust Off" on side of helicopter. Flag draped caskets of two U.S. Servicemen killed in Vietnam. Flag draped caskets are loaded onto aircraft (plane) after the two servicemen are honored.

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