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Jewish prayer, sacrifice, and other Passover preparations. CU of Torah.

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Jewish prayer, sacrifice, and other Passover preparations. CU of Torah.
1940 AD (C20th AD)

When the Jews under Nehemiah returned to Jerusalem they found the walls of the city torn down. Under the leadership of Nehemiah they set about the task of rebuilding. Shows stone mason at work with hammer and chisel. History of the Samaritan Israelites. The Samaritans from Shechem (Sichem) asked to help and the Jews refused. The Samaritans went back to Shechem and carried on the religion of Moses in their own way. Shows ancient city of Shechem (Sichem). Shows Samaritan camp on top of mount Gerizim the week before Passover. Shows Samaritans preparing scaffolding for sacrifice. Shows pits to burn the parts of the sheep not permitted to eat and pit to cook the sacrificed sheep parts. Shows Passover preparations under British Police protection. Image of Samaritan High Priest. Shows sheep carcasses being cleaned and prepared to cook. Passover feast being prepared by the Samaritan Israelites. As Samaritan High Priest prays the Passover feast is eaten in a hurry as demanded in the book of Exodus. The day after the feast people gather on the mountain top to pray. Close-up of the Pentateuch, one of the world's oldest books.

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