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Farrow's Bank Ltd. - 'The People's Bank'
Farrow's Bank Ltd. - 'The People's Bank' - 1 Cheapside, London. In setting up the bank, Thomas Farrow wished not only that unsuspecting people in need of money to tide them over a period of temporary embarrassment should be protected against the usurious rates of interest demanded by moneylenders; he desired in addition that means be provided whereby thrift should be encouraged among the poorer classes. Unfortunately the bank collapsed in the early 1920s and the main founders were found guilty of fraud! Whether their desire to provide the best outcome and opportunity for their less well-to-do fellow citizens was the root fault of their folly or whether some blacker purpose pervaded their dealings, it is hard to ascertain. They certainly did spend a lot on advertsing as this card testifies! Date: 1910
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