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Cuban Crisis Missiles Removed 1962

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Cuban Crisis Missiles Removed 1962
1962 AD (C20th AD)

HD footage. United States, Cuba - Numerous views and scenes of U.S. Jet fighters taking off. An Air Force aircraft landing Shows Mcdonnell F-101 Voodoo Fighter-Bomber aircraft landing with aircraft drogue drag parachute deployed. Image of Pan American building. CU sign on building reads "Organization of American States". Interior shot shows an empty chair for Cuban delegate with Cuba desk sign. Shows U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk speaking (no audio). Brief head-on image of U.S. aircraft carrier with 7-destroyers screening the carrier, cut to head-on shot of the destroyers or DD ships. Shows Sailors looking at large wall map. U.S. Troops with field packs and weapons walking away from a transport plane. Shows soldiers on top of an M-42, self-propelled, twin-40mm gun. Aerial view of numerous planes on a U.S. airfield. General Curtis E. Lemay and other Air Force general officers looking at jet aircraft. General Walter C. Sweeney exits plane at Homestead AFB, Florida and is greeted by officers. CU of General Walter C. Sweeney. Animated map of ships at sea en-route to Cuba and aircraft in flight. Trucks and jeeps are loaded into C-124 Douglas Globemaster II aircraft. Shows C-124 Globemaster II taking off and in flight. Shows Douglas C-133 Cargomaster aircraft in flight. Shows Lockheed C-130 Hercules landing. Aerial view of planes on U.S. airfield. U.S. planes in low level flight dropping napalm bombs, plane firing rockets, shows ground explosions. Shows B-52 refuelling in flight (in-flight refuelling of aircraft). LS of The Kremlin, a fortified complex in Moscow Russia. Shows Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar taxing. Ground-to-air view of paratroopers jumping from planes, parachute canopies fill the sky. Night shot of White House, fountain in foreground. LS of House of Parliament in London. SHAPE Headquarters building. Night shot of Arch of Triumph in Paris. Brief image of hand and wrist only, person is wearing military style wristwatch. Shows pilot in cockpit of U.S. fighter plane. CU of pilot and weapons crewman in cockpit of plane. American ships underway at flank speed. Aerial view of B-52 bomber in flight. A high night shot of Moscow Russia. CU of Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev speaking (no audio) October 27, 1962. Philadelphia Enquirer Newspaper headlines of October 28, 1962 reads "Khrushchev Orders Removal Of Missiles". CU, photographs of Russian missile sites in Cuba. Stills of Russian ships at sea with missiles on their decks. CU, sign: "Homestead AFB." President Kennedy in open car inspects aircraft and men. Panning view of fighter pilots standing in front of their planes, McDonnell F-101 Voodoo Fighter-Bomber aircraft. President Kennedy adds battle streamer to flag. CU, President Kennedy speaking superimposed over Air Force burial ceremony and formation of jets in flight.

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