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Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in Ceremonial Costume, c.1583 (oil on canvas)

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Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I in Ceremonial Costume, c.1583 (oil on canvas)
Massys or Metsys, the Younger, Quentin (c.1543-89) / Flemish
Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena, Tuscany, Italy
oil on canvas
1580 AD (C16th AD)

possibly Sir Christopher Hatton in background; crown of the holy roman empire; Jasper column used by Petrarch to symbolize Laura's chastity; for the Romans, columns symbols Sieve symbolized wisdom; words on rim: A terra il ben mal dimora in sella: Down goes the good, the bad remains in the saddle - as the sieve is empty, this symbolizes that there is nothing bad about Elizabeth. Such was the innocence of the lady that she gave for her device a sieve, for she had been sifted and no chaff found. painted ca 1580 to 1585

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Bridgeman Images
queen elizabeth i / female / rulers / globe / royal / great britain / royalty / england / court / pearl necklace / sieve / britain / british / symbol of innocence / lace ruff / elizabethan / english / redhead / en costume d'apparat / elisabeth d'angleterre / uk / Painting / Mzpainting

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