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Letter from Abraham Lincoln to Alden Hall, dated February 14, 1843 (litho)
Lincoln, Abraham (1809-65) / American
Ken Welsh
Private Collection
1843 AD (C19th AD)
which reads thus: Friend Hall, Your county and ours are almost sure to be placed in the same congressional district - I would like to be its Representative; still circumstances may happen to prevent my even being a candidate. If, however, there are any Whigs in Tazewell who would as soon I should represent them as any other person, I would be glad they would not cast me aside until they see and hear farther what turn things take. Do not suppose, Esq., that in addressing this letter to you, I assume that you will be for or against all other Whigs; I only mean, that I know you to be my personal friend, a good Whig, and an Honorable man, to whom I may, without fear, communicate a fact which I wish my particular friend (if I have any) to know. There is nothing new here now worth telling. Your friend as ever, A. Lincoln. From Abraham Lincoln, The Prairie Years, published 1926.
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