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Jean-Luce Huré - Artist Spotlight

Throughout his photographic oeuvre, Jean-Luce Huré has illustrated the mid-late 20th century Parisian fashion scene. Capturing some of the most unique and pivotal moments for this history and progression of fashion. His archive of fashion and society photography captures a brilliant range of subjects, including Coco Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Elsa Schiaparelli and Brigitte Bardot.


Duke Ellington at the Olympia, Paris, 1963 (b/w photo) / Bridgeman Images

Huré’s mother, a concert pianist, encouraged his love of music. He began by capturing images of musician friends of his mother. His passion for photography would develop to enable him to take magnificent shots of legendary American jazz pianist and composer Duke Ellington. Huré photographs him here at the Olympia, Paris in 1963.


Coco Chanel and Cecil Beaton who presents his tributes to him, January 1970 (b/w photo) / Bridgeman Images

Huré began working with The New York Times in 1969. This collaboration would continue over the next forty years. He also worked with Women’s Wear Daily and W between 1966 and 1975. His photography has additionally appeared in numerous magazines, such as Vanity Fair, Life, Town and Country and Vogue. Alongside these publications, Huré’s photos have been used in many books including CHLOE, Edition Rissoli and Edition Musée Galliera. The gems within Huré’s photography archive include this shot of Coco Chanel with fashion, portrait and war photographer Cecil Beaton in 1970. This image highlights the unique and intimate access to the sixties fashion scene enjoyed by Huré. He documented iconic moments throughout fashion history.


Vivienne Westwood parade at the Grand Hotel, 1992 (b/w photo) / Bridgeman Images

With a simple Nikon camera, Huré decided to take his photographs beside the runway in order to incorporate the atmosphere of the fashion shows. This sense of ambience is an essential aspect of Huré’s style. It is amplified by his preference for black and white images, conveying a nostalgia for this age of fashion. He enjoyed being mobile, moving around to find the best angle and lighting. In this image, Huré captures a Vivienne Westwood show at the Grand Hotel in 1992.


Karl Lagerfeld 1st Collection 'Karl Lagerfeld', Les Champs Elysées, Paris, France, 1984 (b/w photo) / Birdgeman Images

Huré features many images of world renowned fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, including this photograph of Lagerfeld with a model for the first collection in 1984. This photograph is set against the striking backdrop of the Champs Elysees in Paris. His work fuses movement, style and architecture to convey the joy and style of the French fashion and society scene.
‘Fashion Forever’, an exposition of Huré’s photography, was arranged by La Maison Européenne de la Photographie during Le Mois de la Photo in Paris. Other exhibitions of work by Huré include the 2016 display at the Palace Es Saadi in Marrakech and the 2022 “Haute Couture” show at the Camos Museum. Huré’s collection has additionally been honoured with the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.

Mode Stephen Burrows, Billie Blair, Alva Chin and Bethann Hardison, Fashion Show, Versailles, France, 1973 (b/w photo) / Bridgeman Images

Writing for the International New York Times, Suzy Menkes asserted that the collection of Huré was ‘a treasure chest, containing the key to fashion history.’ His work has become synonymous with the time and culture through which it was created. It encapsulates the spirit of the glamorous fashion scene from the 1960s onwards. Bridgeman Images is delighted to be representing Jean-Luce Huré’s wonderful collection.


Brigitte Bardot Film Les Femmes de Jean Aurel, 1969 (b/w photo) (b/w photo) / Bridgeman Images


Click here to view all photographs by Jean-Luce Huré.  


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Jean-Luce Huré captured the unique period in which the fashion world was rapidly evolving. His photography illustrates the Parisian fashion scene of the 1960s, offering an interesting perspective on the cultural shift of this time.
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