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Ak Princess Margarete of Saxony reads a book (b/w photo)

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Ak Princess Margarete of Saxony reads a book (b/w photo)
German Photographer / German
Private Collection
black and white photograph

Ak Prinzessin Margarete von Sachsen reads a book, book printing, printing shop, Gutenberg, printering, el printering, book, newspaper, library, bookseller, bookseller, publisher, publisher, antiquarian bookseller, antiquarian bookseller, stationer, stationer, stationer, antiquarian, news agent, newsman, newswoman, newspaper man, author, scribe, writer, knight of the pen, writer, poet, narrator, raconteur, relator, taleteller, talker, teller, tellers, poet, lyric poet, lyricist, journalist, publicist, publisher, editor, issuer, anthologist, chief editor, author, drafter, composer, dramatic, dramatic, playwright, Schreiber, columnist, typist, amanuensis, author, causer, creator, initiator, originator, library, librarian, Acquisitions Librarian, Motifs, Persons & Personalities, Adel, Monarchy, Adel Deutschland, Adel - Sachsen/Wettiner, postcard, historical, Princess Margaret of Saxony reading a book, bo

Photo credit
© Arkivi UG All Rights Reserved / Bridgeman Images
aristocracy / aristocrat / aristocraty / society / societies / royalty / royal / Princess Margaret / Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon / aristocrat / aristocrats / historical / portrait / nobility / german / Photograph / Photography / Mzphoto

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