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Tobias and the Angel, c.1605 (oil on panel)

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Tobias and the Angel, c.1605 (oil on panel)
Elsheimer, Adam (1578-1610) / German
Petworth House, Sussex, UK
oil on silvered copper
1605 AD (C17th AD)
9x7 cms

one of a series of eight saints and prophets in the Somerset Room; originally made for a devotional cabinet. Tobias and the Angel are depicted full-length, both walking to the right and bare-footed. Tobias on the left, holding a rod and with a large fish in his right hand is wearing a yellow robe. The angel is shown slightly forward, facing front, with large outspread wings, wearing a russet and white robe and holding a long trumpet in his left hand, the trumpet resting on his left shoulder.

Photo credit
The Egremont Collection / National Trust Photographic Library/John Hammond / Bridgeman Images
angel / angels / walk / walking / stroll / strolling / religious / biblical / landscape / archangel raphael / book of tobit / old testament / christianity / religion

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