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From portraiture to nudes, studies to homages, this lightbox explores the human body in all its forms.
The Bridgeman Copyright photography collection highlights experimental fine art photography. Equally represented is a fine selection of artist portraits both sitting and at work.
Explore our broad range of non-representational imagery stretching from the early 20th century onwards.
Discover a mind-boggling world of fauna depicted in all media and every conceivable location.
Florals are a perennial favourite at Bridgeman Copyright, ranging from scientific botanical illustration to contemporary, gestural plein-air paintings.
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter are all illustrated here in rich detail, covering every conceivable celebratory occasion and delighting in the changing seasons.
Landscapes, seascapes, studies and multi-part works are collected here in celebration of the British countryside and far beyond.
Etching, monotype, linotype, drypoint and chine-colle are all collected here, examining this rich and enduring vein of artistic expression.
Sculpture is a growing collection from Bridgeman Copyright artists working in a variety of 3D disiplines.

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