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The Fall of the Titans (The Titanomachia), 1588-90 (oil on canvas)

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The Fall of the Titans (The Titanomachia), 1588-90 (oil on canvas)
Cornelisz. van Haarlem, Cornelis (1562-1638) / Dutch
Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark
oil on canvas
1588 AD (C16th AD)
239x307 cms

The Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses relate the story of a reigning race of gods consisting of the titans, the cyclopes, and the giants who were challenged to a cosmic battle by the Olympian gods headed by Zeus. The fierce battle, the so-called titanomachia, ended with the defeat of the titans whom Zeus cast down into Tartaros, the underworld, from where they cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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Bridgeman Images
battle / walking stick / fight / nakedness / butterfly / insect / animal / dog / mythology / divine / defeat / greek / man / men / titanomachy / olympians / body / deity / naked / mythological / fighting / titans / insects / male / myth / fight / fallen / mannerism / mannerist / titan / denmark / Painting / Mzpainting

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