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Citizen Jane: Battle for the City uses clips from Bridgeman Images archive

Citizen Jane, a BBC Documentary which tells the tale of two rival New York town planners and partially serves as an educational piece, utilises clips of NYC housing 'projects' from the 1960s.


Title: Citizen Jane: Battle for the City

Year: 2017

Running Time: 1 hour, 32 minutes

Video/Format: Digital: available in the UK on iPlayer




NYC Housing 'Projects' 1960s / Bridgeman Images



New York City following World War Two was a place of turbulent change and upheaval. Citizen Jane: Battle For the City sets its scene with footage of the brutalist concrete facades of the NYC suburbs of the time, and focuses on two particularly charismatic rivals each dealing with the task of ressurecting New York.

The documentary is essentially focused on the work of Jane Jacobs, who campaigned against the aggressive urban planning of Robert Moses in the 1960s. Moses intended to bulldoze a lot of social housing for his grand plans of a large expressway through the city. 


A woman exiting the front entrance of 403 Lenox Ave., 1960s / Bridgeman Images


Specifically, the footage utilised for this production from Bridgeman consists of clips of the New York City Housing Authority "projects" in Harlem, on the outskirts of New York in the 1960s - particularly of tower block exteriors, the Lenox Terrace, and streets/scenes of other buildings in snowy winter. These are locations that may have been at risk from the aggressive plans of Robert Moses.


Front signage of Lenox Terrace, 1960s / Bridgeman Images


Find out more about Citizen Jane and its production here.

Watch excerpts of the footage used here.



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Citizen Jane, a BBC Documentary telling the tale of two rival New York town planners utilised Bridgeman Footage.