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Bringing Astronauts to Life


Bridgeman Images has licensed images for the promotion of the new book, Sinal De Vida, by José Rodrigues dos Santos.

Spanish publishers Gradiva have created a life-size cut-out of an American astronaut for the promotion of a new book, using a photograph from the Bridgeman archive. Whatever your project, we can help your products and brands lift off.



About the Book

Sinal de Vida translates in English as Sign of Life; through the thread of intense and absorbing intrigue, José Rodrigues dos Santos' novel challenges us about life, its purpose and our place in the universe. The author is one of Portugal's favourite writers and this is him at the height of his extraordinary narrative capacities.


The Space Race

There are number of upcoming anniversaries relating to space voyage and advancements in the field. Read up on the epic Space Race between Soviet cosmonauts and US astronauts, or take inspiration from Tom Hammick's new sci-fi themed series and exhibition, Lunar Voyage.


Find out More

Get in touch at for more information on licensing and copyright.

View astronaut images in the Bridgeman archive

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