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Bridgeman Images used in NY Times Cover & Article


Client: The New York Times Sunday Magazine
Sector:  Newspaper/magazine 
Content Used: Multiple images of insect engravings which were deconstructed to create new illustration and photograph used in cover collage
First Published: Online November 30th, Print December 3rd


In December 2018, Prestigious newspaper The New York Times published an article both online and in print entitled 'The Insect Apocalypse Is Here' which utilised extensive imagery of insects, specifically engravings and drawings, from a variety of Bridgeman Images sources. It was written by Brooke Jarvis.


Article Banner: NY Times


The article raises alarming statistics and puts forth facts and statements which support the idea that we are destroying the world's insect population - an 'Insect Apocalypse'.

Fittingly, though rather bleak is the cover artwork which accompanied the article in print. The artwork shows a portion of an insect from which billows a smoke explosion -- a portion of an H Bomb image that was also licensed from Bridgeman.


Cover Image: NY Times


The article aims to show that while something many are only acutely aware of might not be our primary concern, its absence could actually impact the world in a catastrophic way. 

Matt Dorfman is the New York Times' in house designer, who worked with Gail Bichler, design director on the project. Gail has shared a 1 minute video on the New York Times' website detailing creation of the work, which also shows initial tests and unused variants of the cover artwork - watch it here.



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The New York Times article mentioned in this post can be read here.

It is also available in print and was released in this format on December 3rd.



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