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Bridgeman content used for Picasso exhibition

The Lublin Museum in Poland recently licensed images from Bridgeman for use in their new Pablo Picasso exhibition

We chat to Krystyna Rzędzian of the Lublin Museum on the process:

How did you find Bridgeman Images?
We have been informed by the director of the Picasso museum in Antibes that we should contact with Rue des Archives to get the license for using Smajewski's photographs. Rue des Archives forwarded our query to Bridgeman Images and that is how we found Bridgeman Images.


Photographer; Piotr Maciuk

Why did you decide to work with us?
We are organising an exhibition of Pablo Picasso and we wish to use some of Smajewski's photographs, so we had to get the license.


Photographer: Piotr Maciuk

Are you thinking of using Bridgeman for future projects?
If our future projects require copyright licenses that Bridgeman Images handles, we will of course work with Bridgeman Images.


Photographer: Dorota Awiorko

Working with Bridgeman Images was pure pleasure, all the information was prepared quickly and professionally, the contact was fluent and the employees were exceptionally kind and helpful. The images were provided in an easy-to-download manner and they seem to meet all requirements.


Photographer: Dorota Awiorko


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Pablo Picasso: A Multiple Image is open from 29 Sep - 3 Dec 2017 at the Lublin Museum

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