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Ebony Cabinet, c.1690 (marquetry in metal and tortoise shell, wood)

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Ebony Cabinet, c.1690 (marquetry in metal and tortoise shell, wood)
Boulle, Andre Charles (1642-1732) / French
Cleveland Museum of Art, OH, USA
marquetry in metal and tortoise shell, wood
1690 AD (C17th AD)
h:101.30 w:117.60 d:50.00 cms

on the reverse of the medal of Louis XIV: Ludivico Magno, Quod Bello Ab Hispanis lacessitus et causa et milite superior Lucemburgo, Subacto, Immortalem, Ovam armis nactus est gloriam concessa iterum Europae tranquillitate cumularit. MDC LXXXIV (Louis the Great, Because he was aroused to war by the Spanish, and being superior both in reason and in method of fighting, he obtained, after Luxemburg was subdued, immortal praise in battle and the peace of Europe having been assured he accumulated his glory. 1684). On the front of the medal: Ludovicus Magnus Rex Christianissimus (Louis the Great, King of all Christians).

Photo credit
John L. Severance Fund / Bridgeman Images
17th century / 17 century / XVII century / XVIIth century / seventeenth century / c17th / 17 17th xvii xviith century / decoration / decorated / decorative / ornate / ornamental / Louis XIV king of France (1638-1715) / Louis XIV 14 says the Sun King (1638-1715) / Louis XIV / The Sun King / Louis The Great / house of Bourbons (France) / Bourbons dynasty / marble top / oriental style / ornate / drawer / chest of drawers / wood / wooden / furniture / bird

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