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The Waagepetersen Family, 1830 (oil on canvas)

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The Waagepetersen Family, 1830 (oil on canvas)
Bendz, Wilhelm Ferdinand (1804-1832) / Danish
Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark
oil on canvas
1830 AD (C19th AD)

Wilhelm BENDZ (1804-1832) The Waagepetersen Family 1830 Oil on canvas Copenhague, Statens Museum for Kunst This painting illustrates the importance of family and work for the Danish Golden Age. A prosperous wine merchant, surrounded by his family, is seated at his desk, never losing sight of business. The physical contact between the parents and children show familial love, and we can even glimpse a bedroom in the background. As for the paintings on the wall, they bear witness to the patron’s wealth and his interest in art.

Photo credit
Photo © Sylvain Collet / Bridgeman Images

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