Gippius, Natalia (1905-94)

Natalya Gippius, critically-acclaimed painter and restore was born in 1905 in the city of Samara Russia. From 1924-1928, she studied at the Perm Institute under noted art professors. She was selected as a top student and sent to Leningrad (St. Petersburg) to study at the prestigious Russian Academy of Fine Arts. There she created many landscapes and nature-related paintings that became immensely popular in both local and national exhibitions. From 1930 to 1932 she studied at the Monumental Art Institute of the Art Academy under Petrov Vodkin. As her art career progressed, Gippius began to insert figures into her landscapes and focused on the relationship between people and nature. During World War II, Gippius was evacuated to Southern Russia during which time her art was often published in various magazines and newspapers, often seen by soldiers at the front. At the end of World War II, Gippius returned to Leningrad to find her beloved city in ruin. She soon became the Lead Artist at the restoration projects through the 1950’s. She continued working as an art advisor to the City of St. Petersburg until her death.

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