Toynbee, Lawrence (1922-2002)

(1922-2002) Lawrence Toynbee was an artist with a marked gift for conveying movement, which he used to especially good effect in his pictures of games and sports. In youth he had been a considerable games player himself, so from the beginning of his career it was natural for him to work on such subjects as Chelsea versus Spurs at Stamford Bridge (1953) or Boxing in Senior School (late 1950s). Increasingly, though, as he absorbed the influence of Anthony Fry’s paintings of dancing figures in the mid 1950s, he aimed to capture not the image of static and frozen mini-seconds – that was the province of photography – but rather the rhythm and the spirit which the action of games evoked. Cricket, football, rugger, boxing, rowing, tennis and later golf all afforded grist to his mill.

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